A Word about Pinterest

I’m not much for online ranting, but I just have to tell you how I feel about Pinterest.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest as much as the next person.  So many of the projects, workout programs, and recipes look awesome and inspire me to try new things.  Right there with my love of Pinterest though is a certain degree of annoyance.  Just today I’ve seen projects saying “have some old drawers lying around, make this awesome book-shelf!”

Who has drawers just lying around???

Who has drawers just lying around that aren’t being used???

Who has drawers just lying around that are nice enough to be re-purposed into something presentable???

Seriously, who are these people?!  A few of the projects I’ve seen pinned would cost me more money to find the crappy, beat-up, old piece of furniture and the tools needed to re-make it than it would to buy a similar, rustic-looking piece online.  It makes me laugh when I see pins that promise to be “so easy” and “affordable.”  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

And this, my friends, is largely why my house is not decorated with all sorts of cutsey things.  I haven’t got the patience, darn it!

(Or a supply of junk that can be re-purposed.)

I still love ya, Pinterest, it’s just that sometimes you make me laugh.


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