Did you know bubbles work better in colder weather? I don't know the science behind it, but we have observed bubbles lasting longer when the weather is cold. Maybe the cold air freezes the water and keeps the shape in tact longer? Maybe the heat evaporates the water faster and causes the bubbles to pop … Continue reading Bubbles


Homage to Dr. Pol

We are a family of severely limited interests. We like farming, being outdoors, animals, and watching shows about farming, being outdoors, and animals. Henley's current favorite Disney+ offering is Dr. Pol. She likes to dress up as Dr. Brenda and take care of all the stuffies in our house. Chickens with wooden eggs stuck...moose with … Continue reading Homage to Dr. Pol

Parenting Homeruns: Celebrating the Random Successes

My second child has thrown me for a loop, ever since she was born. There are more days where I feel helpless and useless in my attempts to parent and connect with Becca, than there are days that I feel successful as her mama. But the other day, boy did I hit the homerun of … Continue reading Parenting Homeruns: Celebrating the Random Successes

Melting the Ice Cube: The Hard Way

I was re-watching a Master Class from Sarah Mackenzie at the Read Aloud Revival this weekend, and I had to pause the playback just to laugh. To all-out-rumbling-belly-chuckle at her analogy. If you know me in-person, you know I love the Read Aloud Revival and Sarah Mackenzie. Her online forums and personality are truly down-to-earth … Continue reading Melting the Ice Cube: The Hard Way


Sunlight, pink, purple, gray, and blue clouds, crisp air, and new running shoes make for a delicious morning. Oh, and complete aloneness. That too. I want to be an extrovert so, so badly, but my natural tendencies still ring true to my introverted nature. I do think I am an introvert with high, high social … Continue reading Walks

Working with Kids Around

I've slowly been learning a tough lesson, over the past six years of my life. When I had Henley, I struggled so very much to get housework and yard work done. I tried and tried to do all the work while she slept and it never got done. I tried the same routine after Becca … Continue reading Working with Kids Around

Creating Beauty Amid Book-keeping

I finished my bookkeeping for 2020. Finally. After many new developments in 2020, I fell desperately behind in keeping up with the farm accounts. My "to-be-filed" basket began overflowing as the months wore on with little attention to filing or accounting. All bills were paid, and legal requirements met, but our books were a neglected … Continue reading Creating Beauty Amid Book-keeping

Fourth Cutting and Fall Happenings

Hay farming never ends. Or so it seems. We're on our fourth/third/second/first cutting depending on which field it is we're swathing. And yes, we are doing the swathing. I'm now allowed to drive the swather and actually have to drive it a lot lately. October 1st is here and we have hay to cut, rake, … Continue reading Fourth Cutting and Fall Happenings

Calf, Sunset, Kids

Aunt Lexcie sure has some cute cows and calves. Becca and Henley love to see the babies and help in any way they can. I happen to love the sun shining right through Becca's ponytail. B kept the baby entertained while Aunt Lexcie helped Henley get the hang of milking. Henley's hands are just the … Continue reading Calf, Sunset, Kids

Sorghum in September

We are working on harvesting our final crop of this year, sorghum. It's a touch and go situation this time of year, we need to cut it, dry it, rake, and bale it but the days aren't so warm anymore and the possibility of rain is always lurking around the corner. In fact, it's been … Continue reading Sorghum in September