Glasses for the Baby

Henley the Diva says “hi!”


I don’t usually buy stuff like this.  And by stuff I mean things that are cute but not practical…but these baby sunglasses were too stinkin’ cute to pass up!  And surprise surprise, she actually keeps them on.


Plus, she likes to see herself in the mirror, I suppose she must be confused by the funny plastic over her eyes.


Don’t mind the grimy mirror, it’s just dirty with baby prints and kisses.  We sing songs and play patty-cake with the “baby in the mirror.”


Henley is learning all sorts of tricks, clapping, kissing, and waving!IMG_2739

I just can’t get enough of this sweetie.IMG_2740

That is, I can’t get enough of her most of the time.  When she puked all across my face two hours ago I was ready to ship her off to ride with her dad in the swather.  Such a disgusting feeling to have curdled, half-digested milk splatter my forehead, drip down my eyebrows, slide down my nose, and very nearly spill into my mouth.


It’s a good thing she’s cute.


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