Daddy Daughter Love

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it some more (rhyme alert!) this girl loves her dad.  If Ty looks at her and she laughs.  If he is not paying attention she claps.  If he is talking to her she coos and squeals back to him.  They’re quite the pair of goons together.  Ty is determined to master the art of walking with Henley standing in his hand…cue gasps and worried grasps from me.  I’m convinced they will give me a heart attack one of these days.

Worry aside, I love getting pictures of these two just chillin’ together.  IMG_2722

Henley is a vastly more willing photography subject than her father.

He heard the shutter click and told her “just ignore it, Henley.  She’ll quit eventually.”  Hee hee.  I love taking his picture.  Mostly because he hates it so much.IMG_2725

See her little hand on the collar of his sweatshirt?  She’s learned to hang on for dear life when her daddy is holding her.
IMG_2726Little Henley is missing her dad this week.  Now that the rain has stopped, Mr. Rancher has hay to cut and bale, fence to build, and cows to move.  His summer hours involve five o’clock mornings and eleven o’clock evenings.  Since Henley does not deign to grace us with her presence until nine or ten AM, she misses out seeing him in the morning although she is often still awake when he comes home.  Even when I put her to bed around nine, she sleeps for twenty minutes then is ready to play again…stinker.  She must want to see Ty when he gets home.


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