Late Nights, Early Mornings

These kinds of nights…IMG_2745Invariably lead to these kinds of days.  The above picture was taken at 10:45 PM.  The below picture at 9:25 AM.
IMG_2751Miss Henley has discovered her ability to pull herself up by the bumper pads in her crib.  As happy as I am for her to be growing up and learning new skills, I really wish she was stuck lying on her back or belly for a few more months!  I’m not ready to have a climbing baby who refuses to go to bed.  And I’m not ready for a baby who goes to be after 11:00 and wakes up at 7:00!

Henley seems to be under the misconception that incredibly awesome things are happening while she sleeps.  Heaven forbid I eat a bowl of cereal without her.  Or take a shower.  Or make my bed.  Or wash the dishes.  Or just sit on the couch and enjoy a few moments to myself.

On the plus side, she does sleep the whole night through.  Hallelujah.  I’m constantly amazed by the truly pivotal nature of the simplest things.  For example, a solid six-hour stretch of sleep can transform a haggard, exhausted mama, into an incredibly capable woman.  Another example, taking a shower in the peace and quiet time that ensues during a nap is vastly more relaxing than listening to the baby squawk as you hurriedly shampoo, lather, shave, and rinse off.  I’m tellin’ ya, the main thing I want as a mama (and I’m so hoping other mothers feel the same!) is to be able to complete basic daily hygiene tasks without a baby in tow.

And sleep.  Mothers could always use more sleep.


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