Becca’s Blessing

We blessed Becca this past Sunday.  It was a lovely day–before the awful smoke settled in.  Becca wore the same dress and headband that Henley wore for her blessing, only we could barely button the back of her dress.  She is so much chubbier that Henley was!  I don’t know if that’s due to Henley’s heart condition which gave her a slow start or to Becca’s incessant eating.  Maybe a bit of both?  Either way I love her chub!

Side note: I do not like this headband.  But I didn’t realize just how much I hated it until we had taken all of our pre-church pictures.  I think I did the same thing with Henley, put this headband on, decided I didn’t like it, and switched it out.

Becca really didn’t like her poofy dress.  She kept grabbing the material and scrunching her fists and face.  Beauty is pain, little one!

Grandparents from both sides and most of the aunts and uncles came to church with us to be part of the blessing.  It was all fun and games with cousins during sacrament meeting until some cousins brought out a picture book that Henley was convinced belonged to her.  Then the tears and screaming started.  She tantrumed through most of the meeting and Becca proceeded to cry once the meeting was over and we were trying to take pictures.  They are very good at the tag-team crying game, especially at bedtime.

This is my grandma, holding her youngest great-granddaughter.  Any day now there will be another, even younger great-granddaughter snuggle.  We’re all excited for my brother and his wife to welcome their first baby, who is now one day late.

Would you believe that as soon as we took the pretty dress off and traded it for a softer cotton one all the crying stopped?

Little people just don’t understand the importance of smiling for pictures…


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