Tummy Time 2.0

My babies are pretty much polar opposites on every count.  Baby Henley loved to be held all the time.  Baby Becca likes to chill on a blanket or in her bouncer chair with you nearby, but doesn’t want to be held constantly.  Baby Henley slept through the night maybe twice before she was a year old.  Baby Becca has slept through the night a couple times and is starting to wake up only once, at about 4 AM to eat then right back to sleep (Hallelujah! And I probably just jinxed that).  Baby Henley was horrible at breastfeeding, Baby Becca has been a champ from day one.  Baby Henley was petite compared to Baby Becca, who is now close to 13.5 pounds.

But one thing these girls agree on is that tummy time is da bomb!

And doesn’t she look cute during her exercise???

The above picture is my favorite of the bunch.  I love the lighting on her face, I love her hair, I love this outfit, and I love, love, love her clenched little fists.

Here is Miss Henley taking pictures with me of her baby sister.  She loves to do what I do and loves Becca.  In fact she might love her a little too much.  We’re really working on gentle touch at our house.  I hope you all enjoy the very real and un-staged background that is my living room right now.  Henley was taking her baby dolls on a camping trip.

Baby feet! Precious =)

Still beautiful, still precious.

Still so serious.  This kid has smiled for me several times and continues to smile at her zebra and elephant daily, but for the most part she is a Serious Sam.  We talk back and forth and she has a content look on her face most of the time now that I’ve ditched chocolate (I was in denial for seven weeks that my beloved treat was causing my baby’s reflux…bad mama over here!) but she just won’t smile very easily.

And here you see how much she hates this Boppy pillow.  I bought one on the advice of a friend who swears that her baby loves this pillow for naps, play, rest, eating, the works.  Yeah, Becca hates it.  In fact, today using it for tummy time is the first time ever that she has laid on it without screaming, as you see pictured below.

Henley, on the other hand, adores this pillow.  She sleeps on it during her “camping” trips, watches movies on it, and reads books to herself on it.  Yet another way my girls are opposites.


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