Washing Animals

I’ve been actively trying to find another activity such as “making soup” for my little miss, and a few days ago one of my sisters came to my rescue.  She had seen my post and recommended searching for Montessori toddler activities on Pinterest.  In my research into educational models, the Montessori method has never piqued much of my curiosity.  No particular reason for this disinterest, I just enjoyed studying other methods more.  Now with my little girl I think I could sing the praises of Montessori teachings for hours on end.

This particular activity involves muddying farm animals in a bucket (or tupperware) of dirt and then washing the animals off with water and a toothbrush.  Henley loved this game!  The thing of it is though, that this really isn’t a game, it’s more of a life-learning activity.  Learning how to really clean things, how to keep yourself clean by wearing an apron and being careful, and how to dry off the animals with a clean towel.  img_3937

When I thanked my sister for the suggestion I told her that Henley much prefers this “real-life” play to typical games or toys for children.  She will wash animals, make soup, sew buttons, fold laundry, sweep the floors, cook real food or prepare her own snacks, and dress herself with such excitement and fulfillment.   I’m going to try and focus my toy purchases on child-sized versions of adult tools.


I really should have caught on to Henley’s love of real things when she refused to watch Frozen or look at any books except Dorling Kindersley animal encyclopedias.   Ah well, live and learn.


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