Catching Up

Yes, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged even one word about life around here.  Yes, I know a blog really needs daily or at least weekly attention.

But you know what?  I plain haven’t wanted to write anything!  Between the incredible busyness of the holidays, the overwhelmingly intense weather this winter, and some recent developments in our family, I haven’t had the emotional energy to keep you all up to date with our crazy and hectic life.  So here’s a little snippet to catch you up on the highlights.

Mr. Rancher:
–has worked endlessly to keep our animals fed through this snowy and cold winter
–spent several days shoveling snow from rooftops to avoid any collapses
–sold our calves
–hauled hay for weeks and weeks
–has wanted to go rafting since February 1, he hasn’t gone yet
–chained and unchained the semi more times than he would ever like to do again
–is excited our cows are starting to calve, hopeful we have healthy mother cows and babies

Rachel (me, the authoress):
–started a Masters program through Arizona State, just finished my first class
–made it through a longer and more intense, though still mild by many standards, bout of morning sickness
–yes, I am pregnant, due the very end of July
–yes, we are excited!!!
–potty trained Henley
–finished our 2016 taxes
–is in the process of deep cleaning our house
–so, so glad the snow is melting

–is potty trained!
–can sing her ABC’s and recognizes the shape and sound of several letters
–can sing pretty much any nursery rhyme or song she’s heard before
–is so excited for a baby sister, we don’t know if we are having a boy or girl, but she is only excited for a baby girl
–is earning money to buy her own copy of Frozen
–received six baby chicks as a gift (since our other chicken were eaten by coyotes)
–loved wearing her “party dress” at Aunt Lexcie’s wedding

Our life over the past couple months in a nutshell.  As always, I’ll try to keep up with our adventures in a more timely manner from now on!


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