Antler Shed Hunting

January and February are always hard months for Mr. Rancher.  Things are pretty slow before the cows start calving and sometimes he gets a little stir-crazy.  To deal with his boredom, Mr. Rancher has started hunting for deer antler sheds and elk horn sheds.

These bull elk were wandering around on the hill just above our winter feed ground.  Mr. Rancher has his heart set on finding their horns in just a few weeks.  He swears that he wants to sell the horns, but I know better.  The set of deer antlers he and Tanner found a week ago haven’t been sold and aren’t going to be sold.  I quote “You can’t sell something this huge and beautiful!”

I have a sneaking suspicion that any of these horns Mr. Rancher happens to find will not be sold but will end up as part of my home decor.


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