Hungry Cows

It’s a good things cows are fairly benign creatures.  Can you imagine a hungry herd of, let’s say, dogs coming at you like this?


After a long, cold night the cows are always happy to see the tractor and feed wagon pull up with bales and bales of hay.  I feel like I am being mobbed by these plump, hungry ladies.  Some of them are too impatient to even wait for the feed to be tossed off the wagon and follow along, munching the sides of the hay bales as they walk.

Others, walk directly in front of the tractor tires and make me slam on the clutch and brakes every two minutes.  I am getting a lot of practice at letting off the clutch very gently so as not to throw my cowboy off the feed wagon or slam my baby into the windshield.  The clutch on our tractor just so happens to be a bit touchy and it’s actually rather difficult to release slowly and gently, but I’ve almost got the hang of it!


These girls make me so happy every time I see them, unless they’re walking right in front of the tractor.  Then I want to call them bad names.  But I don’t.  My favorite things about these lovely ladies are their huge bellies.  We are expecting newborn calves any day now!  One of Tanner’s heifers has calved and that has made Mr. Rancher all the more impatient for our cows to get busy birthing their babies.  As I have personal experience with being hugely pregnant, I’m getting impatient for the cows as well!  They must be so uncomfortable and squished with their every-growing calves inside them and it honestly makes me feel a little uncomfortable for them when I see their lumbering gait.

Man, I hope I never had a lumbering gait.  Happy Monday, all!  We’re hopin’ for some calves this week!


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