Life of a Ranch Wife

Written several months ago, never posted due to my conflicting feelings about the difficult yet wonderful role my life has taken. Hope you enjoy! It's funny how some things seem to come in spells.  Bad things happen in threes etc.  I don't know the exact number of conversations but I know that in the last … Continue reading Life of a Ranch Wife


Keep up, Babe

These are couple-month-old pictures, from a day when I helped Mr. Rancher gather cows. The day started as a leisurely ride with nonsensical chit chat about whatever came to my mind. It was the perfect temperature, not too hot not too cold. Then, as inevitably happens while riding with Ty, I started to fall behind. … Continue reading Keep up, Babe

Winter/Springtime Ranching

Winter is my least favorite ranching season.  The weather is generally wet, cold, blustery, and rather than sipping hot cocoa, we have to be out in the inclement weather feeding cows or pulling calves or mending fence or breaking ice.  I use the term "we" very loosely here.  This year, the traditional winter months of … Continue reading Winter/Springtime Ranching

Working Cows with Pre-schooler and Baby

I can't believe this happened with baby #2! Henley did this as a baby... at right about the same age too.  Something about that playmat I guess. Back to present day, Becca was just so tired she had to snag a nap right before we piled in the car to go help Ty give our … Continue reading Working Cows with Pre-schooler and Baby

Enjoy the View

Been meaning to share this photo of a mama and her baby showing us their "best side" for three months.  Talk about tardiness!This pictures sums up trailing cows from my perspective.  Due to my limited ability on a horse, I don't help gather the cows.  I mean, I go and ride with the cowboys, but … Continue reading Enjoy the View

Sore Butt, Sore Abs, Sore Back…

Oh my heavens.  Riding horses hurts.  A lot.  My butt.  My back.  My neck.  My tummy. My legs.  I haven't been on a horse since last June--thanks to my prego belly--and riding last Saturday felt horrid.  Well, actually the riding part of things wasn't so bad, it was waking up the next morning with a … Continue reading Sore Butt, Sore Abs, Sore Back…