Life of a Ranch Wife

Written several months ago, never posted due to my conflicting feelings about the difficult yet wonderful role my life has taken. Hope you enjoy! It's funny how some things seem to come in spells.  Bad things happen in threes etc.  I don't know the exact number of conversations but I know that in the last … Continue reading Life of a Ranch Wife


Working Cows with Pre-schooler and Baby

I can't believe this happened with baby #2! Henley did this as a baby... at right about the same age too.  Something about that playmat I guess. Back to present day, Becca was just so tired she had to snag a nap right before we piled in the car to go help Ty give our … Continue reading Working Cows with Pre-schooler and Baby

Si the Horse

I stumbled on this picture while backing up some of my photos from last year.  Side note: I take waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many pictures!  There really is no reasonable explanation for hundreds of snapshots of the same dandelion in my yard, I simply have a  trigger-happy finger when it comes to experimenting with my camera. Anyways...I … Continue reading Si the Horse