Summer Happenings

Summer has always been a busy time for the Hawkins family, but this summer has been especially hectic and full.  Obviously an active two-year-old, cows, a dog (who is temporarily crippled, more on that in another post), and a very pregnant wife/mother adds up to a busy household and lots of responsibilities, but that's not … Continue reading Summer Happenings


Easter…In July

Hello there!  So nice to be with you again, after a long absence.  Maybe I should stop apologizing for my inconsistent posting and just accept the fact that it is impossible for me to maintain a regular blogging schedule?  It would take away the need to say "sorry" and attempt to explain just why my … Continue reading Easter…In July

Catching Up

Yes, I know it's been a long time since I've blogged even one word about life around here.  Yes, I know a blog really needs daily or at least weekly attention. But you know what?  I plain haven't wanted to write anything!  Between the incredible busyness of the holidays, the overwhelmingly intense weather this winter, and … Continue reading Catching Up