Keep up, Babe

These are couple-month-old pictures, from a day when I helped Mr. Rancher gather cows. The day started as a leisurely ride with nonsensical chit chat about whatever came to my mind. It was the perfect temperature, not too hot not too cold. Then, as inevitably happens while riding with Ty, I started to fall behind. … Continue reading Keep up, Babe


Trailin’ Cows

Look who can already ride her own horse and trail cows!  Miss Henley is a true cowgirl with her own horse and everything.  In the future, I'll try to get her in a pair of jeans and boots before she goes out to ride. Henley's Aunt Melissa was nice enough to give us this little … Continue reading Trailin’ Cows

Si the Horse

I stumbled on this picture while backing up some of my photos from last year.  Side note: I take waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many pictures!  There really is no reasonable explanation for hundreds of snapshots of the same dandelion in my yard, I simply have a  trigger-happy finger when it comes to experimenting with my camera. Anyways...I … Continue reading Si the Horse