Babies, babies, babies

That's what's been going on around here lately. This sad baby got sick or something and was abandoned by her mother.  Poor thing spent the weekend in the vet clinic and is now home for us to look after.  She takes a bottle with a lot of help from us and sometimes, like in this … Continue reading Babies, babies, babies


Sleep Training

Guess who slept through the night last night?!  I'll give you a hint: it wasn't me or Mr. Rancher.  That's right, the first night that Henley has slept for more than a three-or-four-hour-stretch since Henley was four-months old and I didn't even sleep well!  I still woke up at midnight.  And again at one.  And … Continue reading Sleep Training

A Baby’s Work

  I sent this picture to my mom, because what else can you do when you're trying to fold laundry and the baby pulls the clean clothes from the basket, one by one, and looks back at you to make sure she has an audience for her "helpfulness?" She texted back "a baby's work is … Continue reading A Baby’s Work

Sleeping In

Why is it that when babies go to bed late they wake up earlier???  In what paradigm does that logic seem logical?  Henley's internal clock is unchangeable on this point.  And it's not like I can simply place her in my bed and snuggle her back to sleep.  Oh no, once she's awake it is time … Continue reading Sleeping In


I love eating home canned food.  Green beans, pears, peaches, spaghetti sauce, and corn taste much better when grown and preserved at home than when purchased at the grocery store.  Growing up, I spent a good deal of my summers helping my mom raise a garden, pick the produce, and either freeze or can the … Continue reading Canning

Feeding Henley

Miss Henley is slowly--oh so slowly--learning to eat solid foods.  Last week she loved squishing and licking sweet potatoes from her fingertips; this week she won't touch 'em.  Two days ago she chugged an entire packet of apple/pear/carrot sauce in a couple of hours; today she purses her lips and shakes her fists when I … Continue reading Feeding Henley

Glasses for the Baby

Henley the Diva says "hi!" I don't usually buy stuff like this.  And by stuff I mean things that are cute but not practical...but these baby sunglasses were too stinkin' cute to pass up!  And surprise surprise, she actually keeps them on. Plus, she likes to see herself in the mirror, I suppose she must … Continue reading Glasses for the Baby

Daddy Daughter Love

I've said it before, and I'll say it some more (rhyme alert!) this girl loves her dad.  If Ty looks at her and she laughs.  If he is not paying attention she claps.  If he is talking to her she coos and squeals back to him.  They're quite the pair of goons together.  Ty is … Continue reading Daddy Daughter Love

Trip to Baker

Mr. Rancher and I just bought our first 3X3 baler, yay!  Yay...I get to write a very large check for a piece of farm equipment...woohoo.  Large checks aside, we're stoked to have our own baler now.  Almost have it, we still need to pick it up.  Anyway we made a spur-of-the-moment trip to Baker City, … Continue reading Trip to Baker

Trailin’ Cows

Look who can already ride her own horse and trail cows!  Miss Henley is a true cowgirl with her own horse and everything.  In the future, I'll try to get her in a pair of jeans and boots before she goes out to ride. Henley's Aunt Melissa was nice enough to give us this little … Continue reading Trailin’ Cows