Fourth Cutting and Fall Happenings

Hay farming never ends. Or so it seems. We're on our fourth/third/second/first cutting depending on which field it is we're swathing. And yes, we are doing the swathing. I'm now allowed to drive the swather and actually have to drive it a lot lately. October 1st is here and we have hay to cut, rake, … Continue reading Fourth Cutting and Fall Happenings


Life of a Ranch Wife

Written several months ago, never posted due to my conflicting feelings about the difficult yet wonderful role my life has taken. Hope you enjoy! It's funny how some things seem to come in spells.  Bad things happen in threes etc.  I don't know the exact number of conversations but I know that in the last … Continue reading Life of a Ranch Wife

Mommy’s Little Helper

Miss Henley carried both of her daddy's church shoes from the kitchen and put them away in his closet. That's the first time my little bundle of destructive energy has put anything away ever.  She did this completely of her own accord, all I said was to take the shoes to my room.  I was … Continue reading Mommy’s Little Helper

A Baby’s Work

  I sent this picture to my mom, because what else can you do when you're trying to fold laundry and the baby pulls the clean clothes from the basket, one by one, and looks back at you to make sure she has an audience for her "helpfulness?" She texted back "a baby's work is … Continue reading A Baby’s Work