PJs, Pictures, and Pretty Cows

Henley and I went with Mr. Rancher to feed today.  Not much to say about the experience, but I did get a lot of fun pictures of the morning. Oh, one thing, the first baby calf showed up today!!! We also took a few photos with "flat Megan" my niece's version of "flat Stanley."  Her … Continue reading PJs, Pictures, and Pretty Cows


Hungry Cows

It's a good things cows are fairly benign creatures.  Can you imagine a hungry herd of, let's say, dogs coming at you like this? After a long, cold night the cows are always happy to see the tractor and feed wagon pull up with bales and bales of hay.  I feel like I am being … Continue reading Hungry Cows

Henley’s First Time Feeding

We took Henley to feed the cows this week.  She did great and I managed to not kill any cows or calves while driving the tractor and holding her. Driving the tractor is so much harder with a squirmy baby!  We really had a good time though.  It was nice to get out of the … Continue reading Henley’s First Time Feeding