Calf, Sunset, Kids

Aunt Lexcie sure has some cute cows and calves. Becca and Henley love to see the babies and help in any way they can. I happen to love the sun shining right through Becca's ponytail. B kept the baby entertained while Aunt Lexcie helped Henley get the hang of milking. Henley's hands are just the … Continue reading Calf, Sunset, Kids


Life of a Ranch Wife

Written several months ago, never posted due to my conflicting feelings about the difficult yet wonderful role my life has taken. Hope you enjoy! It's funny how some things seem to come in spells.  Bad things happen in threes etc.  I don't know the exact number of conversations but I know that in the last … Continue reading Life of a Ranch Wife

Our Branding

We branded our calves a couple months ago, as we always do in preparation for turning them out in pastures that are farther from home. We invited more friends this time and we asked Nannie to help us make the meal for afterwards. She was so excited to cook for a big group again, she … Continue reading Our Branding

Keep up, Babe

These are couple-month-old pictures, from a day when I helped Mr. Rancher gather cows. The day started as a leisurely ride with nonsensical chit chat about whatever came to my mind. It was the perfect temperature, not too hot not too cold. Then, as inevitably happens while riding with Ty, I started to fall behind. … Continue reading Keep up, Babe

Crossing the River

Our cows moved from one pasture to another across the Weiser River. The cowboys didn't really need our help but we hopped on the four wheeler and invited friends to come out for a hotdog party. It's the evenings like this, when I get to tag along with the work and look at the beautiful … Continue reading Crossing the River

The Next Generation

These naughty cows have been out, grazing the alfalfa field three times today!  As good as I'm sure the lovely green hay alfalfa tastes, what the cows don't seem to realize is that too much of this stuff will make them bloat and that can lead to...oh ya know...death.   Which is exactly what ran … Continue reading The Next Generation

Enjoy the View

Been meaning to share this photo of a mama and her baby showing us their "best side" for three months.  Talk about tardiness!This pictures sums up trailing cows from my perspective.  Due to my limited ability on a horse, I don't help gather the cows.  I mean, I go and ride with the cowboys, but … Continue reading Enjoy the View

Trailin’ Cows

Look who can already ride her own horse and trail cows!  Miss Henley is a true cowgirl with her own horse and everything.  In the future, I'll try to get her in a pair of jeans and boots before she goes out to ride. Henley's Aunt Melissa was nice enough to give us this little … Continue reading Trailin’ Cows

Tagging Calves

Now that our cows are finally having their babies, Mr. Rancher has a bit more work to do.  He has to check the cows throughout the day, and sometimes the night, to make sure that all is going well as they deliver their babies.  Once the babies are born, he tags each one with its mother's … Continue reading Tagging Calves