Checking Calves and Fields

One Sunday this Winter/Spring, we spent the morning feeding cows and checking for new baby calves with Mr. Rancher.  That is one of the only scheduling perks I have found for church starting at 1 PM.  After feeding, we took the four-wheeler up on the hill to look for new babies.  This little cutie was … Continue reading Checking Calves and Fields


Babies, babies, babies

That's what's been going on around here lately. This sad baby got sick or something and was abandoned by her mother.  Poor thing spent the weekend in the vet clinic and is now home for us to look after.  She takes a bottle with a lot of help from us and sometimes, like in this … Continue reading Babies, babies, babies

Fresh Calf

I love seeing fresh-out-of-the-womb calves like this little one.  I've yet to see a mother cow actually giving birth, but I have see quite a few wet babies, just minutes after their birth. When we first pulled up in the feed truck, the calf was all by his lonesome.  Seeing this new baby alone freaked … Continue reading Fresh Calf

Daddy’s Girl

Little Miss Henley is turning into quite the daddy's girl.  She had a blast chillin' in the truck with Dad while I took pictures of the cows. See the pink blankie on the steering wheel?  Ty has a lot of pink, frilly, and girly things in his future as the father of a sweet baby … Continue reading Daddy’s Girl