Our Branding

We branded our calves a couple months ago, as we always do in preparation for turning them out in pastures that are farther from home. We invited more friends this time and we asked Nannie to help us make the meal for afterwards. She was so excited to cook for a big group again, she … Continue reading Our Branding


Branding 2018

Branding the calves is always a great time of year.  There's the mounted help, the ropers, the cowboys. Annnnnnd there's the ground crew.  That is, in fact, me wielding the branding iron.  This year I succumbed to the pressure to learn a job a swore I would never do, brand the calves with a searing … Continue reading Branding 2018

Camping, Gathering, and Branding

Seems like all we do anymore is brand calves!  Two weekends ago we spent the night at the Middle Fork of the Weiser River so that we could get up at 5:00 AM to gather our friend Darren's cows.  That's right 5:00 AM.  We had a blast hanging out around the fire and playing in … Continue reading Camping, Gathering, and Branding

Cowboy and Toddler

There have been a few moments, since becoming a rancher's wife, that have helped me feel better about the dirt, dust, manure, and dog hair in my house, and the blood/manure/mud stains on the clothes piled next to my washer.  Moments like seeing the cows Mr. Rancher and I bought together all grazing in a … Continue reading Cowboy and Toddler