Reading Aloud

Update: My mom called to correct my memory.  Apparently I was 4 or 5 when I got my first library card.  Once we learned to tie our shoes, my mom took me and my siblings in to get our own library cards.  This very grown-up card was our reward for learning a life skill.  This … Continue reading Reading Aloud


Library Trip

Henley and I took our first trip to the library a few days ago.  The actual trip was pretty uneventful.  Henley slept, I lugged around her carseat, picked out a few children's books, and one book for me.  Getting back to the car was a bit more of an adventure.  Two hands are simply not … Continue reading Library Trip

Book Review: My Story

Last week I spent three, anxiety-filled days reading Elizabeth Smart's book entitled My Story.  While it was a fascinating, gripping read, I would not recommend the book to anyone else, particularly anyone with children.  Here's why: 1. Her abduction and following nine months of rape, captivity, indoctrination, and abuse were truly horrible, evil events caused by … Continue reading Book Review: My Story