Our Story

Hi there! We’re the Hawkins, and Idaho ranch family just trying to have as much fun as possible, all while chasing after unruly mama cows.

I’m Rachel, the writer and designer of this little corner of the internet. I am a homeschool educator, adjunct professor, book-keeper, housecleaner, cook, pathetic gardener, avid reader, chocolate addict, mother of two beautiful daughters, and wife of one amazing man.

Ty is Mr. Rancher, the main man in this story. He is always up for a wild adventure in the great outdoors and works like crazy to make all the fun happen. Cows, crops, tractors, and semi-trucks are his passion. He is also a great snowmobiler and river rafter.

Henley is beautiful daughter number one. She is spunky, full of energy, creative, and strong. Big things are going to come from this little lady, just wait and see.

Becca is beautiful daughter number two. She is tall, funny, intense, and passionate. This one is going to move mountains for certain.

We love Idaho, ranching, learning, nature, and this crazy life we are blessed to lead. We thank God every day that He has given us this opportunity to live together and fully experience His creation as we work the land and explore our area. We hope you enjoy coming along for the ride!