Let’s Go Fly a Kite

We love to be outside.  Absolutely love it.  The one weather phenomenon that constantly foils our ability to be outdoors is the wind.  The wind is so hard to dress against and find enjoyment in.  But sometimes, just sometimes, we find ways to enjoy even the wind. Like a few weeks ago when we went … Continue reading Let’s Go Fly a Kite


Library Trips

One of our very favorite activities is attending our small town library's storytime.  Henley and I have been going to storytime since she was 13 months old.  We've become one of the regular "mommy and me" couples, and have passed the bring-your-toddler-to-storytime-or-pull-your-eyelashes-out-with-needle-nose-pliers-since-it's-basically-the-same-amount-of-torture test.  As you can see below, Henley has learned to sit nicely by … Continue reading Library Trips

Family Pictures

We took family pictures right before driving over to my mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a very foggy morning, cold, and clammy, but I think our photos turned out very well.  I am so in love with this family of mine. Here is my big "number three helper."  I tell her every day … Continue reading Family Pictures

Christmas Letter 2017

I just found this little gem in my drafts box......So here is our 2017 Christmas letter....brought to you at the timely time of March 7.  I chuckled reading through this again, some of the facts have changed already!  For example, Henley is back to taking daily naps, Becca now weighs 20 lbs, and Becca can … Continue reading Christmas Letter 2017

Corn Maze with Friends

Sometimes we do fun things.  One of my favorite things about this blog is going back through all the pictures and stories to see that we actually do have good experiences as a family.  It's easy to get caught up in what everyone else seems to be doing, according to their Facebook or Instagram accounts, … Continue reading Corn Maze with Friends

Who Likes a Challenge?

One of my older sisters--I have four older sisters--asked me awhile ago what I like about exercising.  You see, she and I have started our ow mini-accountability group where we cheer each other on regarding our fitness and healthy eating goals, and she actually likes to workout.  I don't.  I don't like "the burn."  I … Continue reading Who Likes a Challenge?

Outdoor Stove

My husband never stops surprising me with his ideas.  He watched a video recently of a family in Ireland that built an outdoor stove out of an old metal barrel and used it to cook pizzas.  While most people would watch a video like that and think "oh, cool" Ty thinks "I can do that, … Continue reading Outdoor Stove

Trip to Hell’s Canyon

Mr. Rancher, the Little Miss, and I took a drive up to see Brownlee, Oxbow and Hell's Canyon dams.  The three dams are place along about 40 miles of the Snake River.  We packed a lunch, my camera, Ty's binoculars, and Henley's baby and drove two-ish hours to Hell's Canyon, which is the furthest from … Continue reading Trip to Hell’s Canyon