God Bless America

Happy Fourth of July, Independence Day, or birthday of the United States to all! I love living in a free land that is safe, secure, and brimming with opportunity. I hope all you fellow Americans enjoy celebrating today and find some time to be thankful for all we have. Everyone else, I hope you have … Continue reading God Bless America

Principles of Home Management (also: how to have kids, homeschool, farm, and adventure without losing your mind)

If that title doesn't catch you eye what will? I've been at this marriage thing for six years and this parenting thing for almost five years, so I'm pretty inexperienced at both! The few lessons I have learned are probably no-brainers for most of you, but for me they have been earth-shattering revelations. Today I … Continue reading Principles of Home Management (also: how to have kids, homeschool, farm, and adventure without losing your mind)

Bikes for Everyone

Everyone can ride a bike now! Becca has been working so hard on mastering her balance bike, last night she did! She sat in the seat and propelled herself with her legs. She even held both legs up and glided along. By this time next year I'll be able to take both girls biking around … Continue reading Bikes for Everyone

Morning Time

And the blocks are out once again. At least the Little People village set isn't out too. There's a wonderful pile of laundry lurking in the corner (wonderful because it shows all the clean clothes we have to wear!). Someone really should fold that. And put it away. I'll make Henley do it. Just kidding. … Continue reading Morning Time

Risky Play

I've been following the 1000hoursoutside challenge, I'll link to that blog below, since March 2019. We haven't exactly tracked our hours, but I know we've been outside much more since hearing about this challenge and researching the many benefits of outdoor nature time for children and their developing minds and bodies. One benefit plenty of … Continue reading Risky Play

It’s a Zoo

Current total of animals under my care: 100 cows 4 bulls 2 horses (okay so these top three are Mr. Racncher's responsibility but I'm counting them because they totally impact the rest of my life as well--wanna go on a date? Cows are out. Wanna have an early night? Cows are out. Wanna leave town? … Continue reading It’s a Zoo

Toys with Loose Parts

What's your take on toys with loose parts and pieces? Sets of blocks, duplos, legos, kids' kitchenware, magnets, animal figurines etc. Do you like 'em or lump 'em? I regularly vacillate between loving and despising this category of toy with every fiber of my being. On this day, I loved all the loose parts. All … Continue reading Toys with Loose Parts

Mushroom Picking Without the Mushrooms

We went to the mountains in search of morel mushrooms. We didn't find any but we did gather some beautiful flowers and cool sticks. Becca hiked most of the time with a package of graham crackers in hand. She couldn't quite make it up the embankment without some help from big sister though. We love … Continue reading Mushroom Picking Without the Mushrooms

Winter/Springtime Ranching

Winter is my least favorite ranching season.  The weather is generally wet, cold, blustery, and rather than sipping hot cocoa, we have to be out in the inclement weather feeding cows or pulling calves or mending fence or breaking ice.  I use the term "we" very loosely here.  This year, the traditional winter months of … Continue reading Winter/Springtime Ranching

Arizona Trip

We went on vacation!!!  Sometimes it feels like we never do anything cool or interesting or out of the ordinary for us, but last weekend rocked that notion right out of our lives.  We took a weekend trip to Florence, Arizona and had the best family vacation ever! We left our house at 5:15 AM … Continue reading Arizona Trip