Toys with Loose Parts

What's your take on toys with loose parts and pieces? Sets of blocks, duplos, legos, kids' kitchenware, magnets, animal figurines etc. Do you like 'em or lump 'em? I regularly vacillate between loving and despising this category of toy with every fiber of my being. On this day, I loved all the loose parts. All … Continue reading Toys with Loose Parts


Mushroom Picking Without the Mushrooms

We went to the mountains in search of morel mushrooms. We didn't find any but we did gather some beautiful flowers and cool sticks. Becca hiked most of the time with a package of graham crackers in hand. She couldn't quite make it up the embankment without some help from big sister though. We love … Continue reading Mushroom Picking Without the Mushrooms

Winter/Springtime Ranching

Winter is my least favorite ranching season.  The weather is generally wet, cold, blustery, and rather than sipping hot cocoa, we have to be out in the inclement weather feeding cows or pulling calves or mending fence or breaking ice.  I use the term "we" very loosely here.  This year, the traditional winter months of … Continue reading Winter/Springtime Ranching

Arizona Trip

We went on vacation!!!  Sometimes it feels like we never do anything cool or interesting or out of the ordinary for us, but last weekend rocked that notion right out of our lives.  We took a weekend trip to Florence, Arizona and had the best family vacation ever! We left our house at 5:15 AM … Continue reading Arizona Trip

Riggins Life (at home)

My girls and I took a nice leisurely walk--at the pace of Becca's short legs--down our road to the stop sign and back home again.  We nearly made it to our driveway when both girls wandered into the barrow pit at commenced digging and sifting through the dirt.  My attempts to entice them back to … Continue reading Riggins Life (at home)

The Ending of Graduate School

Sometimes I really worry that my children are not learning enough or receiving enough attention from me.  This past year of graduate school has been especially demanding, and increases in outside-of-the-home-obligations like storytime, Joy School, Sunday School teaching, Relief Society, and the ever growing ranch have really drained and depleted me as a wife and … Continue reading The Ending of Graduate School

New Traditions: Family Home Evening

Our primary takeaway, as a family, from General Conference is that we need to hold Family Home Evening once a week.  This is not a new admonition, or better phrased invitation from the Prophet, but it is something we have struggled with and largely ignored in our home.  Still, in an effort to show our … Continue reading New Traditions: Family Home Evening

General Conference October 2018

Thanks to a challenge from Carleen Tanner, we put much greater effort into our preparation for General Conference this year.  For those of you who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, General Conference happens twice a year, in April and October, and is the primary forum where the … Continue reading General Conference October 2018

Becca’s Birthday

Ohhhhhh Miss Becca.  What a year it has been (technically 13.5 months) since you've joined our little family.  You've challenged me in entirely different and strikingly similar ways as your older sister.  You've added such an element of structure, joy, and unity to our family.  It's been rough, at times, but also so wonderfully sweet … Continue reading Becca’s Birthday

Cooling Off

Summers around here are HOT.  Triple digit weather for days and days and nights that don't drop below 85* make for a hot couple of weeks/months.  We have spent so much time in the water this summer trying to beat the heat.  Water slides, pools made from straw bales and plastic, or a simple tote … Continue reading Cooling Off