Homage to Dr. Pol

We are a family of severely limited interests. We like farming, being outdoors, animals, and watching shows about farming, being outdoors, and animals. Henley’s current favorite Disney+ offering is Dr. Pol. She likes to dress up as Dr. Brenda and take care of all the stuffies in our house. Chickens with wooden eggs stuck…moose with unruly antlers, chameleons that have lost their sparkle. Dr. Henley has seen it all and is happy to help.

Thankfully our play kitchen and play food items double as operating tables and medicines, dolly blankets as bandages, kitchen gloves as surgical attire, and mom’s strappy wedges as ideal work-wear for a busy veterinarian. If you ever need Dr. Henley, she can be reached at 555-Henley on her felt phone. Her office is just past the piano, around the corner from the unicorn village, and down the hall. I can’t speak to her pricing, I haven’t gotten my bill yet for the moose-antler-ectomy.

On another note, my house is a disaster of stickers and playscapes, dress-ups and bags full of miscellany. Some days it makes me absolutely nutty to see the piles. Some days it makes me smile. Some days it does both and I bribe the little pack rats with suckers to get the floor cleared. But the pictures never seem happen in good lighting or with clean flooring.



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