Parenting Homeruns: Celebrating the Random Successes

My second child has thrown me for a loop, ever since she was born. There are more days where I feel helpless and useless in my attempts to parent and connect with Becca, than there are days that I feel successful as her mama. But the other day, boy did I hit the homerun of a lifetime. I found wooden eggs at JoAnn’s and just had to have them because they are eggs and they are wooden and I’m a sucker for both things. I brought them home, built a nest from white handkerchiefs, set her stuffed chickens on top, and then I waited. Took Becca a few days to discover the eggs, but when she did…it was magic.

“Mom! My chicken laid eggs! My chickens have eggs! Five eggs! They laid eggs! Eggs! Eggs, eggs, eggs!”

It’s been a month, and the eggs are still a hit. Becca and Bockie (the chicken) moved the nest to this little wicker basket, and it migrates throughout the house.

Of all the random things to tickle my second-born’s fancy, I would not have figured over-priced wooden eggs to be such a magical link in our relationship.


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