Sorghum in September

We are working on harvesting our final crop of this year, sorghum. It’s a touch and go situation this time of year, we need to cut it, dry it, rake, and bale it but the days aren’t so warm anymore and the possibility of rain is always lurking around the corner.

In fact, it’s been pouring for two days. We cut two fields last Saturday and they’ve since been drenched. This isn’t good for the quality of hay, we’re trying to be thankful for the extra irrigation the still standing fields have received but are discouraged by the two wasted fields.

It was fun to see the sorghum before it was cut though.

Ty walked out into the field and the girls tried to follow but were soon lost.

Ahhh, Miss Henley found him!

I’m so proud of this guy. He works so hard and tries to make the best decisions regarding the crops and the weather, seems like he’s been rebuffed at every weather turn this year but he keeps his chin up and continues to work like crazy and love his girls.

We’re blessed in so many ways, if not in our attempts to bale a beautiful, green crop of sorghum hay.