Days at Home

Summer is winding down, maybe even officially gone with cool nights, and the busyness on the farm is slowing down as well. The girls and I have been blessed with a few weeks of days spent mostly at home and it’s been a delight.

We’ve spent a lot of time riding bikes. Becca has mastered her balance bike and Henley has burned through yet another bicycle, the current tally is six with two still operable, and is darn lucky her dad is a wizard when it comes to finding free bikes just her size. We’re hoping these last two make it a couple years–it all depends on if she remembers to stow them away in the wood shed as she’s been taught to do.

We shall see.

Days at home mean more free time for exploring and we always have to stop at a neighboring wheat field to play in the dirt. The dirt is powder-fine and my girls can’t get enough of it.

We have also spent a lot of time reading. Becca loves all things to do with Curious George.

Here she’s demonstrating riding circles around mom, a cute and somewhat annoying developmental milestone in her bicycling growth.

Our flowers have certainly enjoyed the added attention. Can you believe these all grew from seeds we saved from last year’s zinnias? Best frugal moment of my life: saving flower seeds to plant next year.

The girls (and I!) are very excited to almost be done with the swather. It’s big and pretty and very comfortable, but the girls in the Hawkins family think it’s suuuuuuuper boring. We’re grateful Daddy does this work and we can just occasionally ride along.

Ahhh summer wouldn’t be summer without green bean picking and canning. We’ve also canned spaghetti sauce, pears, chicken, and strawberry jam.

We’ve spent a lot of time working together in the kitchen. My girls love to help however they can, Miss Henley is able to make sandwiches, scrambled eggs, and cut fruit and veggie. Miss Becca is my number one ingredient dumper and mixer.


4 thoughts on “Days at Home

  1. Oh how fun, Rachel! How has the summer been with teaching, etc?? I know that a few months ago/ or longer you were teaching at the local community college are you still doing that or are you staying at home all of the time now?? I think it would be awesome if you did another day in the life post to give an update on how /what you’re doing these days! 🙂

    • Hi Lindsay!

      I haven’t been teaching since this spring—it was a great experience and I loved it, but Ty got busy worth the farm and we didn’t want to use child care.

      Thanks for the suggestion! I would love to do a Day in the Ljfe post. Things are a bit different now it’s Fall and we’re officially homeschooling.

      • Thanks for providing the update on what it’s like to be a Ranch Wife. I honestly couldn’t imagine how exhausting it is for BOTH you and your husband to be go, go, going all year long! Hope there are times of the year where things quiet down and you guys can relax and enjoy time together as a family!
        Would love to hear how you’re approaching homeschooling with your husband gone all of the time and likely “needing” mental breaks from the kids sometimes?!?!

      • It is a grueling life, but we’re able to be together throughout a lot of the work and that helps.

        I’ll post more about our homeschool and daily rhythm soon!

        And, yes, I totally need breaks from the kids. I have a few interesting ways I go about getting those breaks. Maybe in another post!

        Thanks for reading!

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