Realistic Family Pictures

Miss Henley, our budding photographer, insisted on taking pictures the other night. She didn’t listen to my protests that my hair was a mess and I was in sweats, or Ty’s protests that he hadn’t shaved and was ready for bed, she took the picture anyway.

I’m glad she did.

Our bedtime routine has been very wonky this summer, and most nights it’s been an epic battle of wills to get everyone settled and asleep only to have wake-up cries every couple of hours during the night. I’ll be the first to admit that I start getting cranky and tired towards dinner and am full-on stressed out by bedtime. I think this is due to the lack of sleep and the worry that another night is going to be sleepless.

I’m working on my attitude, and trying to figure out how to help my girls sleep better, even during the busy, BUSY summer months.

This morning, I’m just grateful for my wise four-year old who captured a sweet bedtime moment amidst all the crappy ones.


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