Becca Lynne Turns Two

Once again, we have a two year old in the house. Heaven help us this go round.

Miss Becca sure is a firecracker, maybe even more so than Miss Henley. She sure knows how to get dirty, explore outside, tease big sis and Daddy, and can throw a temper tantrum like nobody’s business.

She’s tall, blonde and beautiful.

She loves her binky and to read stories.

She loves grandmas, grandpas, and old(er) people in general. She has a special connection with her Papa Corn and her Nannie Chandler. Papa Corn doesn’t like to hold babies, he prefers the toddlers on up, but Miss Becca has always liked him and he’s held and cuddled her more than most of his twenty-something grandkids. Nannie is Ty’s maternal grandmother and Becca loves to sit with her, tease her (unless it’s about B’s binky), and help her get around with her walker.

She loves all animals except bugs.

She’s funny and mischievous.

She’s smart and inquisitive.

She’s tender and loving.

She has a short fuse and the longest hug you’ll ever get.

From day one, this kiddo has been hard work. I don’t foresee this changing in the coming year. She’s gonna move mountains, this one, and she’s gonna do it just how she wants to do it.

We love ya, Becca Lynne. Keep your fire, intensity, passion and determination. Just please stop throwing the chairs when you get mad and screaming at the top of your lungs when mom says “no” to your demands, mmm’kay?


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