Glamping for Kids

When you’re a little kiddo, say between the ages of 0 and 2, a camping trip for the family feels more like a glamping trip for you. Miss Becca was supposed to sleep in the nice, big bed we made up for her and Henley to share in the very spacious backseat of the pick up, but she refused. She insisted on sleeping with us in the bed of the pickup and is such a bed hog.

After the rest of us awoke and were up and about Miss Becca slept another hour in the peace and comfort of a queen size foam mattress, four pillows, and two premium hunting sleeping bags. Good thing she’s so cute.

Sleeping struggles aside, we had a fabulous time on the river. Riggins never disappoints. The water, steep mountains, trees and rocks are beautiful every time we see them and the sand is the ultimate highlight for the kids.

This spring has been unusually wet for western Idaho, and the grass is still somewhat green rather than brown. It made the Salmon River even more beautiful than usual. we actually convinced both girls to ride the gentle stretch of river from Vinegar Creek to Spring Bar and they loved it! Henley got a little scared when anyone jumped in to swim, but she overcame that fear and jumped in herself. Becca thought it was fun. She tested the water just with her toes and decided it was too cold for full immersion.

Friends certainly made this trip more awesome. It was nice to relax in the hammock and on the beach. I think Mr. Rancher and I both slept better than we have in weeks as all we had to do on our trip was cook, hang out with our kids, and talk with friends.


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