Mushroom Picking Without the Mushrooms

We went to the mountains in search of morel mushrooms. We didn’t find any but we did gather some beautiful flowers and cool sticks.

Becca hiked most of the time with a package of graham crackers in hand.

She couldn’t quite make it up the embankment without some help from big sister though.

We love spending time in the mountains. It’s beautiful, cooler than home, and the abundance of flowers, sticks and pine cones staves off any fighting over “mine” or “sharing.” The mountains are soothing for Mr. Rancher and me, just the same as our girls. While they get the fun of exploring and wandering “on their own” we can trail behind and enjoy an activity that is usually whining, complaining, and bickering-free.

Yay for mushroom-picking! Hopefully we find some morels one of the times we go out looking.


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