Riggins Life (at home)

My girls and I took a nice leisurely walk–at the pace of Becca’s short legs–down our road to the stop sign and back home again.  We nearly made it to our driveway when both girls wandered into the barrow pit at commenced digging and sifting through the dirt.  My attempts to entice them back to the road and back home were largely ignored.  I found myself a nice broken piece of concrete, downloaded the latest episode of the Read Aloud Revival Podcast, and plopped down to observe the playing and catch up on some listening.


Amid Sarah Mackenzie’s voice, I could hear snippets of my girls’ conversation.

“Becca, isn’t this just like Riggins Life?”


“Riggins Life is the best life, huh?”



Apparently playing in the dirt is something unique to Riggins Life.  I guess we need a sandbox.



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