New Year (title from Jan. 2016)

Maybe I should clean out the drafts box on my blog more often.  Lookie what I found today that just gave my heart a chuckle.

It’s a new year and Henley is sleeping through the night!!!

I repeat: She is sleeping through the night!

It is such a wonderful feeling to get a good night of peaceful, restful sleep for the first time in thirteen months.   She is also starting to talk a bit more.  She’ll say no-no-no all day long, mainly because she does things she shouldn’t all day long.  On the upside of all the “no’s” and tantrums, Miss Henley has also started giving and blowing kisses.  Even while we are feeding the cows, she’ll lean up against the tractor window and send kisses to her dad while he flakes the hay off the wagon.

Winter is always slow and even a tad boring for ranchers.  Ty feeds the cows every day but that only takes a few hours and then there’s the rest of the fog-filled, cold day ahead…

Clearly, I trailed off elsewhere in my thoughts and never got around to completing this blog, but what a precious reminder of Miss Henley’s baby days.  Miss Henley had not once slept through the night before this post that was written January 2016 when she was 13 months old.  And the “no-no-no-no” chorus!  How could I forget that???  We’re heading down that same track with the alarming speed of a freight train as Miss Becca starts talking more and more and doing more and more things she shouldn’t.  Like throwing the yogurt carton out of the shopping cart causing it to crack and yogurt to splatter all over the grocery store floor…

Just as Baby Henley sweetened her attitude and willfulness with baby kisses, Miss Becca’s serious yet impish personality adds a touch of humor and wonder to her naughtiness that is irresistibly funny and exasperating at the same time.  Gotta love these girls.

I’m mentally preparing myself for the next  verse of the “no-no-no-no” chorus.


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