Daily Life

Just catching up on sharing some pictures over here…don’t mind me.  These girls keep me so occupied!  I was about to type “busy” but since reading a great book…I believe the title is Real Moms: Making it up as we go along (forgive me for not getting off the couch to make sure)…in which the author discusses the fallacy of busyness especially for mothers, I’m trying to avoid saying “I’m just so busy!”  Not that I’m not busy, because believe me I am (what with two kids, a business, graduate school, church, a house, a yard, ten cats, one dog, riding lessons, family, friends, etc.) but so is everyone else, and I am working on owning my decisions and allowing myself to be happy with what I’ve decided rather than just busy. 

Lately, Henley has been making huge strides in her development.  As you can see, she is mastering more and more penmanship skills.  She can now write O’s, 6’s, C’s, and B’s (which aren’t pictured).  And she’s been doing this without any instruction from me.  Self-directed learning makes me a happy mama.  Thankfully, she still wakes up after every night and nap with a lion’s mane of hair which reminds me she’s still my little-love.

We’ve been having regular tea parties with our gorgeous, china tea set.  We have tried milk with graham crackers, hot chocolate with cinnamon toast, and peach tea with buttered toast.  We’re not big fans of the tea…but the party is simply delightful.  Miss Becca has also made great strides in her development.  She’s mastered the art of horseback riding, so long as she’s on this tiny rocking horse.  What’s more, she’s perfected the art of unloading each and every piece of clean clothing from either the drawer, dryer, or laundry basket and depositing it on the floor.  Helpful little girl.


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