Easter…In July

Hello there!  So nice to be with you again, after a long absence.  Maybe I should stop apologizing for my inconsistent posting and just accept the fact that it is impossible for me to maintain a regular blogging schedule?  It would take away the need to say “sorry” and attempt to explain just why my life is so hectically busy that I can’t even post a weekly snippet.

So moving past the guilt and embracing the craziness, here are the photos we snapped on Easter Sunday.  Our family-selfie before church.  I think we look pretty good!

And since I was feeling good about my outfit and size after church, here is a nice picture of my full-figure-pregnant-self.  Ahem…I no longer look like this.  My feet are too swollen to fit in those shoes, it is WAAAAAAY too hot to be wearing a sweater, and my belly is much larger.  Fourteen weeks of pregnancy tends to do that to a person.  

We had a lovely Easter spent at church and with family.  

As per nesting, I am cleaning out everything in my house, including the pictures on my phone.  These are just the first of many pictures and stories I would like to share with y’all before Baby arrives…hopefully soon!


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