40 Years

This right here is what 40 years of marriage looks like.

Actually, not entirely.  We’re missing 20+ people from this picture, but that was done on purpose!  We had an “adults only” family dinner to celebrate my parents’ fortieth wedding anniversary and decided to get a picture of all of us, since the last time this happened I was maybe 12 years old–not including family pictures taken at weddings and such.

We did a horrible job of posing according to birth order in this photo.  From left to right the order is: second, seventh, first, sixth, fifth, fourth, third.  Or by name: Annie, Rachel, Amanda, Kevin, Ruth, Dan, and Mary.  I think, actually I know, my parents are very proud of all of us, even if we can’t stand in line very well.  And I know that because they spent their special evening telling us how amazing all of us and our families are.  Those are the kind of people I am privileged to have as parents.

My siblings are also pretty amazing people.  We all live close enough to get together for family parties and such, but there is still a fun diversity that keeps things interesting.

And here is a picture of all the babies-to-be-born this year.  Can you tell who is due first???

It was such a fun night celebrating the huge accomplishment of love, perseverance, commitment, and dedication my parents have shown to keep their marriage full of romance and love and their family strong and happy.  We’re not a perfect family…but we’re all trying our best and working like crazy to make the most of our lives here.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for your great example.  I hope I can have a marriage that is as happy and fulfilling as yours!


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