Second Birthday Photos

Speaking of tardiness…here are the photos from Henley’s second birthday, which occurred…ahem…in November.

Oh well, here is her chocolate, chocolate cake that I made for her.  I’m no cake decorator but I think it turned out pretty well for my lack of tools and experience.

Obviously it looked good enough to try immediately!

This happy girl received a rocking horse from me and Mr. Rancher and, almost as exciting, the balloons we blew up and scattered throughout the house.

She loves her rocking horse.  We named her Honey.  Henley has since added halters and bridles to Honey’s attire and is sure to tie her up every night to some sort of door handle or another.  She also has a basket in which she brings Honey grain or treats.

The balloons barely lasted the night.

Henley loved opening her gifts and all the attention from grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Finally, blowing out her candles.  It was a fun and perfect evening.  We are so lucky that Henley has so many people in her life that care so much about her.

We sure love our little girl!  Even if her mother takes six months to post the pictures of her birthday.  But here they are, and here they will stay for our wonderful record of our crazy and beautiful life.


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