Weaning Calves

Ah…the sweetness of sleeping in until 7:23 AM.  Henley and I haven’t had that luxury in five days.  Our first day of very little sleep started out with gathering warm clothes and snacks for a day of gathering a weaning calves.  We only rode for an hour or so to gather one pasture of mama cows and the spring calves that needed to be weaned.  My horse skills are coming along so much so that I was to take Henley with me and actually help gather the cows.img_2056

Obviously we had to take a few selfies.  It was so cold and Henley kept grabbing my hand to block her face from the wind.  We were excited to see the pick-up and heater waiting for us near the corrals.

After warming up for a few minutes we grabbed my camera and went to take a few pictures of the cowboys sorting the calves off from their mamas.  Number one cowboy in my and Henley’s eyes: Mr. Rancher.


Notice the gaping hole in his jacket?  He isn’t unloved or homeless, I promise.  He also won’t throw away anything even things which are obviously torn, worn out, or past functionality.



All the little (or not so little) cuties just waiting for the trucks.  Weaning is a little sad, the whole separating the babies from their mothers thing, but it is very necessary.  In a few months the cows will have new babies and need the time to prepare to have another calf.




Henley loves Lexcie or “Sexcie” as she calls her.



The end of the day, Miss Henley was exhausted and couldn’t even stand up to shoo the calves anymore.  She kept up her “hey-ch-ch” from her seat though!img_2079


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