Library Patronage

The Little Miss and I frequent the local library at least once a week.  Sometimes twice a week.  We almost always attend story-time Wednesday mornings.  Despite these regular visits, we have a fine to pay nearly every week!  Usually these fines are racked up by books we somehow lose in our tiny house and only cost twenty or thirty cents.  Today’s fine though was a bit different.

You see, Mr. Rancher and I sold my little car, a Dodge Caliber, last week.  While I thought I cleaned every single thing out of the car, I forgot to check the CD player.  One of the CDs from an audiobook we had borrowed was still in the player when the new owner drove off.  I didn’t realize this until several days later and haven’t been able to get in touch with the new owner since.  Henley and I walked into the library today and explained our predicament to our very sweet and very patient librarian.  She smiled and giggled as we gave our latest excuse for tardiness and lost books–though not technically lost, I know right where it is *wink.*  Luckily, the librarians had made a copy of several books–for situations such as this–and had a spare CD!  We just had to cover the cost of the new disc.  I handed over $2 and told our librarian to keep the change, she smiled and told me I’d better take it.  After all, I’d probably have another fine to pay soon.  Thank goodness for sweet–and a little sassy–librarians.


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