Rafting the Weiser River

We, along with my in-laws, have bought two rafts!  The various ways we scrounged up the money to buy these toys are actually a little impressive and unconventional.  Our contribution was to donate the money Mr. Rancher earned from the gopher reimbursement program in our county and selling the antler sheds he has found over the years.  It just goes to show that a little initiative goes a long way, you can make a little extra cash doing just about anything!

So far we’ve only taken the raft down the Weiser River, and even though it’s a pretty mild river, we’ve had tons of fun!  This is photo of Henley’s first time down the river.

She looks like she’s going whaling.IMG_0426

This is the second raft, it’s longer and has two oars rather than six paddles for power.  It’s hard to row and steer and avoid hitting anyone with the oars.IMG_0664

Trust me, it’s a lot more difficult than it looks!

Henley loved having Bo with us, Bo wished he’d stayed on shore.  He hated the wet floor and could’t find a comfortable spot on the side to rest.  He finally settled right in front of the frame with the oars, but kept slipping further and further towards the water.  Poor dog was so excited to see our take-out point.IMG_0661

Here’s Mr. Rancher steering us down the river on our trip from Midvale down to Weiser.  There were some more exciting rapids on this stretch of river and Ty seemed to hit every rock possible for awhile.  One of the rocks we hit spun the raft completely around and water washed over the Little Miss from head to toe.  This happened after lunch when she was already tired and grouchy and the cold bath was more than enough to set her bawling.  She cried for a good twenty minutes before falling asleep in my jacket and taking a little power nap.  After she woke up she was a champ the rest of the trip.IMG_0660

The water was full of run-off and very muddy but at least the hills were still green and pretty.IMG_0659The best part of rafting is simply sitting, relaxing, and not worrying about a list of to-dos.  The worst part is how much work it takes before and after you’re in the water.  Getting the food packed and shuttling everyone and all the cars or trailers is quite the chore.  We decided we need a van or mini-bus or something just to cart all the people around.


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