Who Likes a Challenge?

One of my older sisters–I have four older sisters–asked me awhile ago what I like about exercising.  You see, she and I have started our ow mini-accountability group where we cheer each other on regarding our fitness and healthy eating goals, and she actually likes to workout.  I don’t.  I don’t like “the burn.”  I don’t like how long it takes to get ready after jumping around and sweating for half an hour.  I don’t like wheezing for air when the cardio gets intense.  I don’t like waking up the next day with sore muscles.

As I explained all these reasons to my sister she was so utterly befuddled by my angst towards exercise.  “But don’t you feel so accomplished after you’ve completed a hard workout??”  Nope, I feel sweaty and gross.  “But don’t you like the feeling of getting stronger?”  Nope, I feel sore muscles.  “Well…I’m not sure what to say to help motivate you then!”  Sorry, I workout because I know it’s good for my body, not because I enjoy it.

Fast forward a few days and this same older sister and I are talking about the books we are reading.  I’m currently halfway through The Iliad and actually enjoying it.  My sister was again befuddled by me.  Yes, The Iliad is a very difficult book to read, and a bit confusing.  It’s taken me three weeks to read 150 pages.  Despite having to re-read many, many passages and my very slow progress in this book, I am loving the experience!  I feel so accomplished and like I’m really stretching my mental capabilities.

So there you have it.  I’m a certified nerd.  I get a sense of accomplishment and pride from reading classic literature not from working out and physical fitness.  But hey, at least I’m working out, right?


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