Outdoor Stove

My husband never stops surprising me with his ideas.  He watched a video recently of a family in Ireland that built an outdoor stove out of an old metal barrel and used it to cook pizzas.  While most people would watch a video like that and think “oh, cool” Ty thinks “I can do that, and I can do it better.”

Official photographers of this endeavor.  Please don’t look too close at my nose.  I’ve had a cold and now that it’s gone I have a cold sore.  Cold sores hurt but almost worse than that, they look awful.  You just looked at my nose, didn’t you?

Here they are digging the hole for the stove.  The idea is to place the stove into a hillside, shore up the sides with rocks, and cover with dirt.  This insulates the stove and allows it to trap enough heat to bake something like a pizza.


Here the are moving out the concrete slab which makes the base of the stove.



Getting the stove into position before covering it with rocks and dirt.IMG_0565

Brief interruption for a picture of these cute girls!  Henley loved wearing a hat just like Aunt Lexcie who she loves.  Like absolutely adores.  Like she cries whenever she has to leave Lexcie.


The final step of shoveling the dirt!  All we need now is to test it out!



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