Trip to Hell’s Canyon

Mr. Rancher, the Little Miss, and I took a drive up to see Brownlee, Oxbow and Hell’s Canyon dams.  The three dams are place along about 40 miles of the Snake River.  We packed a lunch, my camera, Ty’s binoculars, and Henley’s baby and drove two-ish hours to Hell’s Canyon, which is the furthest from our house.  Henley did not cooperate with our plan to have her sleep the whole way to the dam and woke up just before Brownlee with another hour to go.  She was a grumpy bear the rest of the trip.  We never got my camera or Ty’s binoculars out as we were busy wrangling a tantrum-throwing, fearless toddler away from the river.  That child has no fear!


Don’t be fooled by the cute pictures (taken with my phone rather than my nice camera I hauled up there.)  Her little arms aren’t around my neck in a hug, they are reaching for my ponytail to give it a nice yank.


Ty is so fun.  He helped Henley touch the water over and over again to keep her happy.


After an hour of exploring and eating lunch, well, Ty and I ate lunch, Henley just threw her food on the ground, we loaded back into the car and drove home.  Wouldn’t you know Henley slept the whole way home?IMG_0402


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