Making Bread

Soooooooo…I haven’t made bread in weeks…ahem…months may be a better description.  I’ve just been lazy and avoiding the mess that comes with bread-making, which really isn’t a big deal nowadays, what with $1.82 loaves of whole wheat bread readily available at the grocery store.  That’s been my thinking the past, er three months or so.  Until today!  Henley and I mixed up a batch of my mom’s whole wheat bread and now I’m thinking “0why didn’t I do this sooner???”  Home-made bread is 10 million times better than store bought!

But it is a lot of work.  And the dishes.  I despise doing dishes, particularly washing mixing bowls and bread hooks and measuring cups.

But it yields four loaves per batch! And that’s enough bread to last us two weeks (let’s face it, we eat a LOT of bread at our house).

But the convenience of just grabbing a bag of bread at the grocery store is pretty amazing.

But homemade tastes better!

Can you hear the wheels in my head churning?  This is the conversation I will be having with myself a couple weeks from now, when it’s time to make bread again.  Excuse me now, I’ve got to go eat another slice of fresh-baked heaven.


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