Playing in the Mud

Hey there!  It’s been awhile.  We’ve been going crazy with cabin fever and blogging just hasn’t been appealing.   Thankfully, we have a trip planned for this weekend and some family that just moved closer so we have some fun times in the future!

One fun, and different, adventure Henley and I have had this winter is taking a walk, down our driveway, that lasted over an hour.  It was one of the warmer days and the snow was all cleared off the road.  I bundled Henley in her snowsuit and some hand-me-down shoes to trudge through the mud.  We lolli-gagged our way down the driveway, stopping every few steps to pick up rocks and jump in puddles.  The little miss did so well walking until we were almost to the mailbox.  I ran the last little stretch, grabbed the mail, and ran back to her.  All her walking must have tired her out because this is what I saw as I made my way back to her.


Oh yeah.  Sitting in the mud, stomping her feet in the goop.


Nicely covered bum.  I made her walk most of the way back home, until she dropped to the ground, crying and simply refused to walk another step.  Both our coats were mud covered by the end of our walk.



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