Christmas Wish List

I’m so prepared this year, I’ve already bought Christmas presents for both Miss Henley and Mr. Rancher!  I know it’s only November, and believe me I think about Thanksgiving dinner pretty much every day, several times a day, but my mind is still on Christmas!  Here’s a rough break down of what everyone in my house wants this year:

Mr. Rancher: a gun, camo clothing, sleeping bag, swather, tractor, work jeans, and a lot of other really expensive pieces of equipment.

Me: furniture, movies, a greenhouse, and all the flies in my house dead.

Henley: her own personal toilet to play in, unlimited toilet paper rolls to unravel, tupperware to scatter throughout the house, an iPhone, and dirt to eat.

I haven’t bought Henley or Ty one single thing that is on their list of wants this year.


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