A Baby’s Work


I sent this picture to my mom, because what else can you do when you’re trying to fold laundry and the baby pulls the clean clothes from the basket, one by one, and looks back at you to make sure she has an audience for her “helpfulness?”IMG_2857

She texted back “a baby’s work is never done!”  Oh how true that statement rings, particularly at my house.  Henley must get so frustrated with my constant folding of clothes, picking up of toys, stacking of books, and worst of all, picking up of the tiny bits of paper she has so carefully ripped from books or magazines to be gummed at a later time.  These darn mamas just won’t leave a baby’s work done!  Every time Henley goes to sleep I try to re-assemble the house.  How frustrating it must be for her that nothing is as she left it when she awakes.  Probably as frustrating as it is for me to clean with my little helper around.

The other day, Ty got to see just how hard it is to do anything with our busy-bee trailing behind.  He called me after 45 minutes alone with Henley wonder how anything ever gets done at our house.  Moment of validation for me!  Funny how much better you feel when someone else experiences your reality.  I drove home, strictly adhering to the speed limit, and enjoying my time to myself where I didn’t have to worry about my paper-loving baby devouring every book in the house.  That was Ty’s job for the afternoon.


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