The Next Generation

These naughty cows have been out, grazing the alfalfa field three times today!  As good as I’m sure the lovely green hay alfalfa tastes, what the cows don’t seem to realize is that too much of this stuff will make them bloat and that can lead to…oh ya know…death.  IMG_2924

Which is exactly what ran through my head anytime I saw the sneaky ladies walk past my living room window.  Oh my gosh, they’re going to overeat and DIE!  On go the sandals and camera to chase them back home.  And the camera is of course essential to cow-chasing ability.


See how the calves obediently scramble back towards the fenced pasture, but one of the ornery mama cows stands there defiantly?  So much for setting a good example mama cow.


I must say I’m worried about the next generation of cattle…If their mothers won’t teach them to stay in the pasture and respect fence lines then who will?  By teaching the babies to escape, and showing them just how good the grass is on the other side, these mother cows are creating a whole new generation of fence-trampling-pasture-escaping-pains-in-my-neck.


This little guy is doomed to be in trouble no matter where he goes, and it’s not his fault, he never had anyone to teach him how to behave like a well-mannered bovine.


Good cows stay inside the fenced boundaries.  Bad cows have to be chased back inside repeatedly!  And even worse cows teach their offspring to break through the fence too…

Or are they actually good mothers for not abandoning their babies to the pasture?  Maybe they want their calves to taste the luscious goodness of grass beyond the fence too, to feel the freedom of life without barbed wire.  Maybe…

Maybe I’m drawing too much from this experience and the cows are just cows who, for whatever reason, don’t stay where they are supposed to.


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